Where all stories start, regardless of technology - the blank page. Image via Pixabay.



Asking the Awkward Questions is one of those titles that says it all really.  My rebellious fairy godmother, Eileen, is the expert at this and as a result always lands herself in it it.  Characters like that are huge fun to write about.  But in this post I list a few awkward questions that could be asked within the magical world.  One example is “can’t you use your magical powers to end hunger, all diseases etc?”  How would you get your magical characters to answer that?  Can you add to my list?


The Musical Arts explores more on music within your fictional world and the status of musicians/composers.  I explain why I don’t have a favourite composer and ask what role music would play in the feasts and festivals your fictional setting would have.


I discuss why I don’t have one overall favourite story/book but also nominate the one how-to writing book I happily recommend to anyone!  Inconsistent?  Moi?  Surely not!  But I find it impossible to name any one fictional work I’d always put above any others. The Lord of the Rings is probably the closest but even then I have to be in right mood for an epic quest!  Still that is the great thing with stories – there really is at least one out there to suit every mood!


Well, what IS your story?  Image via Pixabay.

Well, what IS your story? Image via Pixabay.






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