Shelves of Stories. Image via Pixabay.



Part 3 of my mini series on conferences in the magical world looks at what would be on offer for the wizards.  Not sure I’d like to go to one though.  I suspect there would be a clash of egos!  What do you think?


A fairly short post tonight but I hope to expand further on the theme of the arts in the fictional world in further posts.  I ask if the arts are supported by central/local government in your settings and if all characters have access/can take part in the arts or if this is restricted.  Whatever your world, there should be some form of art in it somewhere.  The more intelligent the creature the more need there is to express itself.  And that is where art does come into its own.


I discuss how a good piece of writing makes me feel and relish the challenge of trying to produce good writing myself.  Can I make others laugh?  Can I make them think?  Can I entertain them?  The great thing is whether you write fiction or non-fiction (0r both), challenging yourself to produce the best work you can is good for (a) your writing and (b) you yourself.  Why?  Stretching yourself mentally is good for the brain.

Notebooks old and new - image via Pixabay.  Ideas have to be jotted down somewhere!

Notebooks old and new – image via Pixabay. Ideas have to be jotted down somewhere!


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