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Do I have to have a happy ever after ending for stories I read or write?

Not necessarily but this is something that has changed as I’ve become older. I can happily read something that has a sad or tragic ending as long as it is in context with the rest of the story. This hasn’t always been the case. I used to avoid sad endings (on the grounds there’s enough sadness in the news, why on earth would I want it in my fiction?). Now my chief “want” in a story is that the ending is suitable for the story and character.

Good historical fiction will make it seem as if you had stepped back in time - image via Pixabay

Good fiction will take you out of the world for a while. Image via Pixabay.

Good books should bring illumination to a situation, make you see things as you haven't before - image via Pixabay

Good books should illuminate aspects you’ve not considered before. Image via Pixabay.


Flash fiction for impact. Image via Pixabay


Flash – for light or dark fiction! Image via Pixabay

Facebook – From Light to Dark and Back Again

The art of the perfect flash
Is not to jot down in a dash
But to select what you say
Using just those words that may
Help you create the biggest splash!

Allison Symes – 12th December 2017

Flash fiction to a tee? I think so! What to decide is what the splash is going to be – humour, horror or what have you. The important thing? To have fun with what you write!

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