I’ve not managed to achieve much writing wise this weekend due to settling in our new dog, Lady, but for once life has got in the way in a good way!

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Making slow but steady progress on the follow-up to From Light to Dark and Back Again. Have got enough material for Chandler’s Ford Today posts to the end of the year and probably well into January, though this is a good position to be in! Looking forward to the Bridge House Publishing/Cafelit event in early December. Frightening to think it’s not far away now. (Have got precisely one Christmas present so far!).

Lady, our new border collie cross, is now home and does not appear to be fazed by fireworks. This is nice as Mabel and Gracie were petrified of the things. Lady will need additional training, being so young still, but we hope to take her to classes soon. (It will be as much for us as for her). Has a very good temperament.

Pictures below were taken at the Dogs Trust, Salisbury. More will follow in due course!


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It’s been a busy but lovely weekend as we settle Lady into her new home. Lots of walks, which she has loved, and she’s not fazed by fireworks, which came as a very welcome surprise. Mabel and Gracie loathed them.

We will be taking Lady to training classes (to also help with her socialisation, though she has been very good on the lead when meeting other dogs). She’s not made up her mind yet where she’s sleeping and tends to flit for a while before settling but both Mabel and Gracie did this for a while.

Lady was a bit fazed by the noise of the printer but has now got used to that. She will get used to that – a LOT!

Writing wise, have not got a lot done this weekend. Am not surprised but equally unworried. Will be making up for that!

The bigger ball was a favourite of both Mabel and Gracie.


Facebook – From Light to Dark and Back Again

One form of flash fiction I like a lot is to hint at a film or fairytale I love and show an aspect of it from a character that is not the lead. A story I’m working on for my next book focuses on one of the witches from The Wizard of Oz as my lead.

I’ve also experimented with a four-line flash piece, which tells a complete story, but which might just technically count as a poem. It is a real pleasure to play with form like this.

I also have a couple of historical pieces in the next collection and hope to write more on these.

Whether I’ve written novels, short stories, scripts or flash I’ve always loved getting straight into the characters’ heads. Flash fiction almost encourages you to do to that given you’ve got to get the story up and running so quickly – and this is where the character does the work!

Image Credit:  All images below by Pixabay

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Facebook – From Light to Dark and Back Again Part 2

Can’t quite believe how quickly the light fails now the clocks have gone back. Book title very appropriate! (Wish they’d choose one time and leave it at that but there you go).

Due to settling in the new dog, Lady, I’ve not got much writing done this weekend but did manage to do some work on the follow-up book, so I’m pleased with that.

Am working on next CFT post which will be a review of a recent spoof I’ve seen (good fun it was too, though my review will go into more detail than that!). My next few weeks of CFT posts are pretty much lined up with an author interview (two-parter) to come and a look at how local places are supporting their local writers. So plenty to get on with when not working on follow-up book.


Val Penny and I at Swanwick earlier this year. Good luck to Val with her book, Hunter’s Chase, due out in 2018


My desk in my room at Swanwick.

Local authors' books at Chandler's Ford railway station

Local author books on sale in Chandler’s Ford Railway Station including mine

Allison book-signing Chandler's Ford railway station

Book signing at the railway station earlier this year



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