Well, what IS your story? Image via Pixabay.


Am glad to say the writers’ stand at the Hiltingbury Extravaganza went well last weekend.  I share what I think is the worst part of writing a new story and discuss why writers grouping together can be such a good idea.

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What is the worst part of writing a new story? Getting that first draft written or shaping that draft into something that has an impact on a reader? For me, it is getting that first draft written. I never worry about a first draft being rubbish (they all are!) but I do feel a huge sense of relief once the story is down on paper as I then have something I know I can do something with. (I take the optimistic view that things can only get better, to quote the song, once the first draft IS down!).

As for my blog posts, especially for Chandler’s Ford Today, every so often I have a brainstorming session for possible article ideas, put these aside for a while, and then when I come back to them, the ideas which have “legs” will still stand out and those are the ones I write up.



Says it all (though I think the one person a writer has to convince about this IS them!).   Image via Pixabay.


Shakespeare had his quill, modern writers have their laptops. Image via Pixabay.

Getting on with the writing.  Image via Pixabay

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I thought I’d share a couple of images from the writers’ stand at the Hiltingbury Extravaganza last weekend. What was lovely was we all sold books but we also got to talk to people about local creative writing classes and so on. It all helps spread the word!

People were pleasantly surprised to see such an array of books too. This is one nice aspect of a group of writers working together. No one writer ever appeals to every reader in the world (even Shakespeare had his critics!) but a group of writers, with books in different genres, at a local event?

Well, the chances are instantly improved that our works will appeal to different people, who may not have come to any events we held individually as writers. I very much hope the writers’ stand will become a regular event.

I hope to put up more pictures later in the week – am currently working my way through my photo files!


The writers' book stand

The writers’ stand at the Hiltingbury Extravaganza – side view.  Image by Allison Symes


More of the books

There was a nice range of books – from my flash fiction to YA fantasy/time travel to romantic comedy and two volumes of short stories set in my area.  Something in there to appeal to most people I think!  Image by Allison Symes



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