Back from the wonderful Swanwick Writers’ Summer School, learned lots, caught up with old friends, made new ones, caught up with some writing (but never all I wanted to do!  This is always the way of it!).  Generally had fabulous time.  Even sold some copies of From Light to Dark and Back Again. 

I am planning to revamp my websites over the next few weeks so this becomes my main site with Fairytales With Bite and This World and Others incorporated into it.  I am planning to blog more regularly on here and less frequently on the others, but with links back to archive material.  Am hoping to become as full time a writer as possible given my circumstances.  Up until now definitely only part time but there is so much I would like to do and I need to increase my hours!


My theme tonight ties in with my Chandler’s Ford Today post also online this evening, which is about humour in fiction.  I think this is one of the hardest things to get right, given humour is so subjective.   In my post for FWB tonight Humour in Fiction, I talk about how important it is for humour to come from your characters and for it not to be something that is forced on them.  Humour has to ring “true”.  Also I discuss how humour and the various forms of it can be a good way to differentiate your characters for your readers.

Great characters should show humour. Image via Pixabay.

Great characters should show humour. Image via Pixabay.


In Using Humour I discuss what kind of humour your characters would come out with.  After all if you say someone has no sense of humour, doesn’t that give you an instant image of what person is likely to be like?  You may not be be right of course (though I think a lot of the time you would be!).  You can have a lot of fun developing the humour your characters would have.


My posts tonight are all based around my CFT article about Humorous Writing (and why it is a serious business)I use British English spelling incidentally.

I share some classic TV and audio clips of some of the finest comic writing I’ve loved and discuss why humorous writing is, I feel, the toughest aspect of writing to get right.  It is partly because humour is so subjective of course but also sometimes it doesn’t always “travel” well, either across countries or time or both.

Having said that, there are wonderful examples of humour that can manage this.  Am glad to say there have been some fantastic comments on this post already with great examples of unintentional newspaper headline humour too. Hope you enjoy.  I think I’ve found my favourite all time feature image for this one as well, thanks to Pixabay!  See what you think.

Humour can be shown in expression, writers must use words!  The right ones in the right way too!  Image via Pixabay.

Humour can be shown in expression, writers must use words! The right ones in the right way too! Image via Pixabay.

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