Just to say the reason for my spacing out my blog posts recently has been due to the illness and now, sadly, death of my father.  I will continue to post as and when I can but expect not to be able to blog daily for certainly the next week or two.  I must admit I am relieved to blog when I can.  Writing can be amazingly therapeutic at times.  And I do hope all those poor souls caught up with the Manchester bombing can find peace and help to cope with what they have come to terms with too.  The arts can be very soothing in times of trouble.  I would also like to thank my fellow Christians for their support and I have been awestruck by the many who have helped those in Manchester.  There is great good in the world, as well as great evil.

I am not posting much to Facebook at the moment so will only share with my websites for the time being.  I am also taking a mini break from Chandler’s Ford Today but look forward to writing and blogging fully later.  My father was a keen supporter of my writing and had to have a copy of any book I had a story in.  I shall miss him very much – and indeed do so already.   And to all who have lost loved ones, especially this week at Manchester, may you know God’s peace and comfort now and in the future.  My deepest sympathies to you all.


Stories in Troubling Times shares what I think the role of stories can be in times of stress.  They can and do help people relax, find a form of escapism etc.


Loving What You Write looks at why it is important to do exactly that and I also share how I work.




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