I discuss world building problems that need to be overcome.  These include working out what your system of government is, how well educated (or not) your people are, and what limitations on magic there are.  There will need to be some magical limitations as if all problems can be solved with the aid of a wand, there is no conflict and, so, no story.   You will also need to work out how people exist in your world


Odd thing happened tonight.  I had written a post on reviews but it vanished.  I have since rewritten the post.  I discuss the importance of reviews as it links into my Chandler’s Ford Today post this week and ask whether there is any such things as reviews on your fictional world.  This kind of thing would give a good indicator to the reader that your world is generally a literate one.


I talk about the importance of book reviews in tonight’s post.  (I like to spread the word!).  I share some wonderfully acerbic comments from Mark Twain (who knew a thing or do about honest writing!).  I also share why reviews, if they are going to be meaningful, must be clear and truthful at all times.

FACEBOOK PAGE – From Light to Dark and Back Again

I share news of my CFT post which is about the importance of reviews.  To mean anything though, the reviews have to be honest but they don’t have to be lengthy.  If you want to help the writer in your life, reviewing their book is a good way to go!


Glorious books to read and review - image via Pixabay



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