My debut flash fiction collection from Chapeltown Books



In Tunnel Vision, I look at the importance of having outside assessment of work.  (You really do need the perspective of the outsider looking in).  I also talk about putting work aside for a while before re-evaluating it.  I mention all of this as something every writer faces is the danger of tunnel vision.  You can be so close to your work you can’t see its faults.  (And it will have some!  None of us write perfect prose after all!).  I also ask about whether your characters suffer from tunnel vision and how this might impact upon their relationships with other characters.


Finding Time is another issue which affects all writers.  Just how do you find the right balance between writing new material, promoting your current book and still seek to develop as a writer?  We need to do all three things to make good progress.  And if you write non-fiction as well as fiction, as I do, your balanced use of time has to ensure you cover both well.  I also ask how your characters manage time and, especially if you write sci-fi or fantasy, does time work in the same way as it does here?


Cyberlaunch Lessons looks back at what I learned from the online launch for my debut flash fiction collection, From Light to Dark and Back Again.  I really hope this post might be useful to other writers thinking of having their own launches.  Talking of the book…


The Kindle version of From Light to Dark and Back Again is currently available for 99p.  There are about 50 stories in the book so a very good rate per story here!


I talk about my CFT post and share further thoughts in the blurb around it.


Feature Image for CFT Launch Lessons post

The launch was huge fun and I learned a great deal.  The post has some useful pointers.  Cover by Chapeltown Books, ripple image by Pixabay.



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