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The big day is nearly here and I am both nervous and excited about it!  I set up a few writing prompts on this page the other day, one of which was “The dragon was terrified”.  I share here the link to the page as I posted my story on this tonight.  Hope you enjoy it.


One thing all visitors to the magical world should be aware of is that magic can and does go wrong, even in the hands of the most experienced practitioners.  In When Magic Goes Wrong, I share some advice as to what you can do if you are ever unfortunate enough to be facing this.


Journeys is an apt post for tonight as my Chandler’;s Ford Today blog is the second part of my interview with Martin Kyrle who has written about his adventures on the Trans-Siberian Railway.  My writing journey continues tomorrow (1st April 2017) with my first cyber launch of my debut flash fiction collection, From Light to Dark and Back Again.  In the post I look at how your characters travel, do they need magic to assist them or can they manage without it and ask if their journeys and who they meet change their perspectives on life or reinforce them.


Both focus on my interview with Martin Kryle.  His travel book, Jottings from the Trans-Siberian Railway, is very funny and his Kyrle’s Laws are wonderfully humorous and practical.  It was lovely to meet Martin and the book is a great, fun and enlightening read.

Feature Image Part 2 of MK Interview


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