The magic of stories. Image via Pixabay



Wishing looks at what your characters do when in a tight spot.  Do they just wish and hope their fairy godmother turns up?  Or do they do everything they can to get themselves out of said tight spot (and if that fails then wish?!).  I must admit I prefer the latter.  They are at least proactive (even when they get what they do wrong).


The Wise and the Foolish again discusses character type (no prizes for guessing which I prefer!).  The foolish will seek to take the path of least resistance and do what is easiest for them and won’t think to question whether this could be a trap.  The wise do the opposite and will question.  A well portrayed villain will use traits against a character.  The foolish are far more likely to die – horribly!


I list 10 things (bar food and drink) I can’t do without.  Do you agree with my list?  What would be your 10?

A way into the magical realm, perhaps? Image via Pixabay.

The foolish character will always take what seems to be the easiest path.  A decent villain will exploit that.  Image via Pixabay.



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