There's still a place for writing directly to paper. Image via Pixabay



In When Wishing Isn’t Enough I look at character motivation. Even “crazy” characters have to have sound reasons for being the way they are (even if those sound reasons are only sound to them!).  Basically, your readers need to see/understand where you are coming from.  They don’t have to agree with your characters (and neither do you!) but as long as what the character is saying/doing makes sense from that character’s viewpoint, then they will seem real enough to your readers to keep with them with you.


In Talking It Through I look at dialogue, one of my favourite aspects of writing.  I suppose it is one of my favourite aspects because, to me, without dialogue, characters don’t really come to life on the page.  I also discuss the value of reading your work out loud and how this is particularly useful for discovering if your dialogue flows well.


I thought I’d list books for the professions tonight.  For example:

Jaws – one for dentists and those who work with orthodontics

Totally silly post but fun I hope.  (It was certainly fun for me to write it!)

The world of the imagination should play a role in your stories. I can't imagine any world without some form of the arts. Image via Pixabay.

Characters must seem real to enable your readers to really escape into your fictional world. Image via Pixabay.

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