Creative writing includes blogging but also brainstorming sessons to generate future ideas. Image via Pixabay.


Glad to see Weebly now back up and running.  Good to have it back.


Reliability is something that all writers, readers and characters need. Readers need to feel they can rely on the writer to deliver on the story.  Characters need to be reliable (or exposed as unreliable narrators etc).  I also discuss how characters would react if they find they can’t rely on others after all.


Always write about what you know and tonight’s post discusses technical issues! I look at how such things might affect your characters (and their magical performance).  I ask what machines does your world have and who services these?  What happens if the machines take on a life of their own?


Short and sweet post tonight so have copied and pasted it here.

Need to catch up on my magazine reading so will try and do that tomorrow. I also need to get some stories off for competitions again. Hope to book up my local writing festival before too long. You can tell spring is about – you get all the invites to said festivals! And I’m pleased to say my crocuses are emerging, having escaped the winter and being eaten by those visitors my garden partial to such things.


I’m currently preparing a newsletter which I hope to send out regularly.  It will contain extracts from my stories, published or not, which I am not putting on my websites or this round-up blog.  I hope before too long to have a sign-up button so, if this is of any interest to you, keep an eye out and I’ll say when all is ready.  The idea of a newsletter I’ve been thinking about for a while and now makes more sense now I have a book out there!



What we all need and, thankfully, are rarely affected by technical issues!  Image via Pixabay.



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