Again sorry for the no-show.  The cold I thought I had I think must have been a touch of flu.  Have not felt this rough in ages.  Still writing can be a great distraction when your head’s not too fuzzy to do any!


The Downside of  the Happy Ever After looks at how Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the Three Bears might have felt if things stopped being so positive for them.  I also ask if things are not so rosy after all for your characters, what are they doing to rectify it.  And I share a wish of mine that has come true – I ran my first flash fiction workshop.  More below.


New Ventures looks at a new venture for me – my flash fiction workshop with Southampton Writers’ Circle.  It was huge fun and we all took home stories to develop further.  I hope mine will go into the collection to eventually follow up From Light to Dark and Back Again.  Many thanks to Geoff Parkes for giving permission to share the photo below.  I think it is a great image and conjures up the spirit of the evening well.  I also discuss what new ventures your characters might want to try.


My post later on Friday will be about the joy of radio, one of my great loves.


A cry from the heart tonight.  I sometimes have dreadful issues signing out of a Word Press site.  Would like advice as to how to overcome it.  I spent close to five minutes trying to sign out of the other WP blog I’m involved with and thought well someone may have the answer to this.  If you do, please share!

Flash Fiction, The Southampton Writers' Circle and me!  Image by Geoff Parkes and many thanks for permission to use it.

Flash Fiction, The Southampton Writers’ Circle and me! Image by Geoff Parkes and many thanks for permission to use it.



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