Books really are the gatekeepers BUT they can also be investigators as Westminster Bones clearly is. Image via Pixabay.



I talk about Story Endings with Bite tonight and share one example from my book, From Light to Dark and Back Again.  You will easily guess the genre from the ending I share but it is what leads up to that ending which is the whole point of that particular story. I discuss the importance of the impact of the ending of the story and the methods I use when writing flash fiction in particular.  I sometimes start with the ending and work backwards, other times I start with an interesting line and see where it takes me, but the ending must be as strong as the beginning (and ideally stronger so you really finish with a “bang”!).


Truth and Lies looks at the fun to be had when reading a story for the first time as you try to work out which characters are generally truthful or not as the case may be.  Having an unreliable narrator is a great twist on this but the clues must be in the story that the narrator may not be all they appear to be.  The thing to remember is characters tell the truth as they see it.  The villain of the piece really does see that they are justified and will make out a case for it.  Great stories with lots of conflict can be had from working out why a character lies and what happens when their lying is exposed (which can come as a shock to them, if they honestly thought they had been right).


A short, sharp piece tonight about one reason I love books.  (Got to limit it to one otherwise I could have written a long essay on that topic!).


After a swim, I'm soon back at the keyboard. Image via Pixabay.

Back at the keyboard. Image via Pixabay.



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