Never give up, work hard, be disciplined... all valuable traits for success, whether you're a tennis player, a writer or a character in a story! Image via Pixabay.



In Fairytale Laws I list three golden rules that the decent will uphold and witches and treacherous wizards will break at every opportunity.  This includes the rule that you should always use magic to help those weaker than yourself.  All fairy godmothers uphold that one (it would cost them their wand at best if they didn’t) but the magically evil/ambitious/both break this at every opportunity.  This is where it pays you to have a fairy godmother on your side!


Top Tips for the Magically Inexperienced gives five useful pointers for those just starting out in the magical world.  The big rule is to never turn your back on those more powerful than you.  If you don’t, well let’s just say worrying about your pension will no longer be an issue!


I share details on this week’s Chandler’s Ford Today post, which involves Jane Austen, Sarah Siddons the actress and Taking the Flounce!  More tomorrow…

Books make wonderful gifts. Image via Pixabay.

Books are wonderful – whether in print or electronic, whether as audio stories or told by a storyteller. Image via Pixabay.


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