Where stories emerge these days... Image via Pixabay



Under the Influence asks who influences your characters and whether they break away from that or not.  Plenty of story ideas there.  I also go on to suggest who some of my favourite fairytale and other characters were influenced by.  For example, Humpty Dumpty was clearly influenced by the Acrobatic Society who told him it was feasible for an egg to be balanced on a wall and, more importantly, stay balanced.  There are times when you can’t be more wrong!


Making an Impact looks at what impact your stories and characters have on you and your readers.  Is it the impact you intended?  Is there more beneath the surface than you at first realized with your tale (generally that is a good thing)?  And I share a tip I’ve found useful in putting your work aside for a while before re-reading it.  Does the story have the same impact on you as it did when you read it the first time?


I share an amusing incident today with regard to one of my darker tales in From Light to Dark and Back Again, my forthcoming flash fiction collection (Chapeltown Books).




Ideas are wonderful but are your stories making the impact you intended?  Image via Pixabay




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