The world of the imagination should play a role in your stories. I can't imagine any world without some form of the arts. Image via Pixabay.



The Point of Change talks about that pivotal moment when the story is “on”.  It is at that point your main character realises their life is going to change and they either can’t fight this further or accept that the need for change is there and “go with it”.  So how do they handle it?  Do they have help?  Is your point of change strong enough to be the story (because effectively that is the story.  Something happens to Character A and the ramifications are X, Y and Z, but without that something, there is no story).


Character Spotting refers to spotting those characters whose story is worth telling (who are literally strong enough to carry the tale) and to picking up on those attributes/attitudes the character has, which will confirm they are strong enough to carry said story.  I list three major qualities I look for in a character which confirm to me this character is the one to write about/for.


I talk about how music conveys mood and how writers must do this by carefully selecting which words they use.  Obvious perhaps but this is also where double meanings are so useful for a writer.  They can convey so much without upsetting your word count limitations!

I write fairytales with bite as flash fiction and short stories in particular. Image via Pixabay.

Your characters step out of the page and seem real to your reader when the point of change for them is strong enough to keep your reader wanting to know what happens next. Image via Pixabay.


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