Notebooks - ancient and modern. Where characters start to take shape. Image via Pixabay.



In Alternative Work Possibilities, I follow on from yesterday’s post about what well-known characters could do now their main roles are over.  Tonight, I look at what Dracula, Frankenstein and the wise men, to name a few, could now be doing instead.


I continue with the theme of work in tonight’s post, Employment.  I ask about what your fictional society is based on – agriculture, technology or both – and how your characters provide for themselves.  Even in a magical world, some characters will have to work because not all will have impressive magical skills and will need to find alternative ways of (a) providing for themselves and (b) proving useful to their society so they are not eliminated by those who are magically powerful.


There are times aspects of the world are so mad it is beyond satire.  Tonight’s post is a bit of a rant on not being able to get through on the phone when I should have been able to do so.  I would be surprised if you couldn’t identify with this though.

Says it all really. Image via Pixabay.

Says it all really. Image via Pixabay.




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