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What Fairytale Characters could do Without lists 5 things all such characters wish did not happen.  One of these things is magic going wrong and I share why evil witches/wizards and the like never have this problem.


Motives are a crucial building block for successful characterisation.  The two big questions, after all, are what does a character want and what are they prepared to do to get what they want.  I can’t think of any crime story without these elements being answered.  I look at how motives have got to be right for the character you’re portraying (and strong enough to be convincing).  Also if hiding motives (especially if writing crime), you should play fair with your readers and give clues as to what the motives could be.  Okay readers may guess wrong (I actually love that when it happens to me.  I love coming across an author outwitting my intelligent guesses.  Why?  Because that author has written something so powerful and gripping, I am wanting to find out whether I am right or wrong in my guesses long before I do discover the truth.  This, for me, is the very definition of a page turner).


My post will appear later in the week but I will say there is going to be a very special review of 2016 appearing tomorrow, written by a good friend of mine.  Will share more details tomorrow.


Got to see a beautiful crescent Moon and Venus in the sky tonight when walking the dog.  Stunning sight.  I also discuss what I’m reading – and what I’m hoping to catch up on, there is always something to catch up on!

Do your characters know in which direction they're going? (Border collie is optional!). Image via Pixabay.

Mabel. Image taken by me.


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