The wonderful world of stories... Image via Pixabay.


A mixed bag tonight – a humorous piece for Fairytales with Bite and a thoughtful reflection on the value of end of  year reviews for This World and Others.  I am also delighted to recommend, via my Facebook page, one of the most moving flash fiction collections I’ve ever read – the Great War by Dawn Knox (who is also a contributor to Baubles, this year’s anthology from Bridge House Publishing).


There have been some great (generally) unseen sales people behind some of the classic fairytales.  I suggest some of them in Great Fairytale Sales People.


One thing I do just after Christmas is to give myself an end of year review in terms of where I am at with my writing and where I would like to be.  In End of  Year Reviews, I discuss this further and share what I think are the advantages of doing this.


I was delighted to meet Dawn Knox, a fellow contributor to Baubles, at the recent Bridge House Publishing/Cafelit book launch in London.  I was even more delighted to come across her book, The Great War, which is a flash fiction collection of 100 stories, each one 100 words long.  The stories are character led (the best ones I think always are) and here are the stories of the boy who deliberately lied about his age to sign up and is about to go to Flanders, the soldiers in the trenches, the mother with her baby who doesn’t know if she’ll see her husband again amongst many others.  Very moving and if, like me, you love flash fiction and history, I’d highly recommend reading this book.

How do your characters handle matters when forced to change direction and take a path they had not expected or wanted? Image via Pixabay.

Where will your writing take you? Forward into the future or backwards in time? Image via Pixabay.

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