Love the cover for this. Image supplied by Bridge House Publishing.



Fairytale Marketing looks at what could be marketed in a magical world.  This post came about as, being at the Bridge House Publishing/Cafelit joint book launch in London today, writers were invited to share marketing tips with other writers.  The event was huge fun and I hope you find this post is too.  A magical salesman…  hmm…. what could possibly go wrong there?!


In Marketing, I share a couple of tips I shared in London today but also a few there was no time to do.  I also discuss why you shouldn’t consider other writers to be rivals and that social media, wonderful for marketing work, should be used wisely.


I discuss the Bridge House and Cafelit event tonight. It was really good to catch up with old friends and make new ones.  Chapeltown Books (imprint) was also mentioned as the fact my flash fiction collection will be the first to be produced.

The Best of Cafelit. Image by me.

The Best of Cafelit. Image by me.



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