How the very best fairytales start... Image via Pixabay


I do have a soft spot for rhyming titles so when I get the chance to write one…

Tonight’s theme is flash fiction.


I share a new flash fiction story, The Magician, on FWB and discuss why I love writing flash.  Hope you like the story.  Let’s just say pet owners will identify with this one.  I love flash because I can use it as a format for writing moments which simply aren’t enough in themselves to sustain a standard length short story.  The Magician I think is a good example of that.


Moments in Flash describe what I look for when writing a flash piece.  I need a moment to get me started or finished and I can work from there.  Flash is the only format in which I sometimes start with the ending and work backward to the start point.  It is also brilliant for using a punchline (and I love those).  I sometimes use the Hemingway six words story exercise to get me started on a piece.  I also share how I started writing flash fiction.


I’m pleased to share news of a local author book launch for this week’s post.  Jottings from the Trans-Siberian Railway by Martin Kyrle and Michael Roberts is being launched at the Independent Holiday Shop in The Brooks, Winchester on Saturday 3rd December.  The book is aimed at armchair travellers and railway fans.  I’m only sorry I can’t go but it is for the best reasons.  I’ll be at the Bridge House Publishing/Cafelit joint book launch for Baubles and The Best of Cafelit 5 respectively.  I have stories in both of these and am looking forward to catching up with everyone again.  I very much hope the launch in Winchester for Messrs. Kyrle and Roberts goes well.  I also hope the launch in London for Bridge House and Cafelit also goes well.


Again I share news about the Jottings book launch.  I also report I’ve sent the proof back now on my flash fiction collection (and it looks good!).

En route.  Image via Pixabay.

En route. Image via Pixabay.


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