Story ideas still start on paper. Image via Pixabay.



Nursery Rhyme Nonsense is an opinion piece from me.  For me, and for my stories to work, the fantastical world has to be believable.  This is where I find things like nursery rhymes bizarre.  Take Hey Diddle Diddle for instance. I’ve never seen a cow jump over the moon and have to wonder what the writer was on at the time when coming out with that!  Equally, I want to know if the cow has some form of jet propulsion (and not from its rear end!).  Things like that jar with me which is why, though I do enjoy nonsense verse, I can only read it in small doses at any one time.  I think I am a bit too prosaic!


I’ve had issues tonight with titling on tonight’s post, which is not an issue I’ve had before.  My Fairytales with Bite website is absolutely fine.  My post tonight which I called Autumn Changes, turned up on Facebook as being Unreliable Characters, my post from yesterday!  The Weebly helpline was very good but the Facebook developers’ tool link they sent me is beyond me to fathom out.  I am not technically minded (unless you count knowing what a 1500 word story should look like in terms of the number of pages it should be on!).  Have got round the problem by just sharing a link to the general blog page on This World and Others as that lists the latest post first.  Hope I don’t get this issue again tomorrow.  It’s an odd one. Have not known it happen before.


Am delighted to say I’ve got proofreading work to do on my flash fiction collection, From Light to Dark and Back Again.  I also hope the events going on at my local library are well supported.  I never want libraries to become a thing of the past.

Two formats for reading and Chandler's Ford library stocks both. Image via Pixabay.

Two formats for reading and Chandler’s Ford library stocks both. Image via Pixabay.


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