Relaxing with a good book. Image via Pixabay.



Expecting the Unexpected asks how your characters cope with the unexpected hitting them and their world.  Which show courage?  Which show cowardice?  Magic can’t be used to solve all problems, otherwise it would make for a flat and short, uninteresting story, so what limits are there on magic in your setting?  Can these be overcome?  What other ways do characters  use to overcome problems?


Interesting Times is my favourite Rincewind novel by Sir Terry Pratchett but it also refers to the old Chinese curse.  There can be no doubt about it – we really are living in interesting times!  So I ask in this post what form do interesting times take for the world and characters you’ve set up?  What would count as a political (or otherwise) upset and how is it handled?


Today has been a strange day politically and personally.  In my FB page I pay tribute to my mum who passed away one year ago today (9th November) after a very brave fight against aspirational pneumonia brought on by dementia.  I owe mum a huge debt for all sorts of reasons but I really appreciate the timeless gift she gave me – a love of stories and books.  That kind of gift never dates!

Enough books to be going on with....  Image via Pixabay

Enough books to be going on with…. Image via Pixabay



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