A Magical, Classical Night out. Image via Pixabay.



The Role of Classical Music in Fiction asks if music is controlled in your fiction setting – that is, can musicians play what they want or do they have to stick to a repetoire?  What are the consequences if they don’t?  Also is your world developed enough to have radio or when people want music, is it a question of going out to concerts?  Does the state encourage people to do this?  (Too busy enjoying music, too busy to question them!).


Now you may spot a theme developing when I mention my post here tonight is called Musical Tastes.  (A) You’re right (!) and (B) the theme all ties in with my Chandler’s Ford Today blog for this week.  More on that shortly.  But in this post, I ask what the status of music and musicians are in your fictional world?  What can you reveal about a character’s love (or otherwise) of music to show more about them?


I write all of my CFT posts as a labour of love but every so often one stands out, for me at least, as a particularly special one.  Tonight’s post is one of those.  My Top 10 Classical Music Greats shares my favourite pieces of music, some wonderful You Tube clips and I hope also brings back some memories.  For example, one piece I’ve chosen is Ravel’s Bolero.  Where were you in 1984 when Torvill and Dean raised figure skating to an all time high with their dance on ice interpretation of this?  Hope you like the post.  I loved writing it and comments as to your favourite classical music pieces would be very welcome in the CFT comments box.


No surprises here but I talk about my CFT post and again provide a link.


Classical Music score. Image via Pixabay.

Classical Music score. Image via Pixabay.



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