Heavenly books. Image by Pixabay



The above title is not a reference to the US elections, honest!  Instead, my post, The Ideal Candidate for being a Talking Animal in a Fairytale, gives some thoughts as to what a talking animal in a fairytale should be like.  It definitely has to be more intelligent than your average human….


This post, What a Good Character Will Do For You, outlines some of the things I’ve found to be true about a really good character.  Though I say “good character”, this post also refers to the well portrayed villains too, without whom there is no story.


I discuss my tendency (in the past) to over edit a story or an article.  It is a form of procrastination and the only way to make progress in writing is to send your stories out there and see what happens.  Learn from the comments you may attract.  What I do now is write the piece, edit it, put it aside for a few days, then look at it again and then get the piece out there.  If there is one thing I have learned as a writer, it is that nobody ever writes the perfect piece of work.  They can’t.   Neither can I so you aim for as near perfection as you can get.


The classic beginning for all stories... Image via Pixabay

The classic beginning for all stories… Image via Pixabay


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