A beaten knight but Richard III's injuries at Bosworth would have been far more horrific. Image via Pixabay.



Tonight’s post is the start of a new occasional series, Impossible Interviews, in which I interview historical figures.  My “guest” tonight?  Richard III!  Maligned or monstrous?  What do you think?  For anyone with a love of history I think it is fair to say you can’t be impartial about the king.


I take the Impossible Interviews theme a bit further with my post here tonight.  Called Impossible Interviews – In the Magical World, I look at who I would interview in such a setting.  I would quiz those who set the magical standards as to why they have set them the way they have and also chat to those who are very low down in the magical pecking order.


In Doing the Impossible: Listening to Characters, I ask if it were possible for you as the writer to listen to what your characters have to say to you, would you do so?!  Are they happy with the way you’ve portrayed them and if not, why not, and what will you do about it?!


I share the link to my Chandler’s Ford Today post.


The Bard tells a cracking story but that doesn't mean any of it is true! Image via Pixabay

The Bard tells a cracking story but that doesn’t mean any of it is true! Image via Pixabay


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