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Tonight’s post is called Mixing It Up where I discuss variety in writing in terms of what you write and also in terms of short stories. After all there are markets and competitions now for the very short story and the much longer one so have a go at both!   I also share news of a flash fiction piece of mine, Telling the Time, which first appeared on the Cafelit website now being available in their annual anthology, The Best of Cafelit 5


Not the most imaginative title I know but my post tonight called Ten Writing Tips I’ve Found Useful sums up this blog nicely!  Hope you find at least some of the tips useful.


Again I share news of The Best of Cafelit 5 on my Facebook Author page tonight but I also refer to Baubles, the upcoming Bridge House Publishing annual anthology, where I’ll also have a story appearing.  More details on that when that book comes out.



A world of technologies means more places for stories to appear! Image via Pixabay

A world of technologies means more places for stories to appear! Image via Pixabay


2 thoughts on “MIXING IT UP

  1. Leyland7659 says:

    I read this at just the right time, or may I say that your post came at the right time. Whatever the case, I have an eclectic collection of short stories and poems. That made me nervous. Now, I feel encouraged. Thank you.


  2. allisonsymescollectedworks says:

    Many thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated. There will be markets for your works out there somewhere and I’ve been grateful for the wider range of online magazines now that will take “quirky” fiction, which is where most of my work would be. Good luck with getting work out there!


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