Writing in many forms. Image via Pixabay.



I look at Fairytale Ethics and Etiquette tonight where you can find out what I think about the intellectual capacities of cats wearing footwear and what that means for us humans. One thing I always liked about fairytales as a kid, and still do now, is they do have a very strict sense of fair play and justice.  Even as a kid I knew the world wasn’t like that.  Maybe that is part of the very strong appeal these stories have now.  We know fair play and justice should be a normal state of affairs (but sadly so often are not).


Calling Occupants brings to mind a great Carpenters song but also makes me ponder if, in your fictional world, whether there is acceptance of other life forms and does your world try to make contact with those forms?  There are some story prompts here which I hope you find useful.  At the very least I can see some short stories coming out of these, maybe longer works of fiction too.


I share why I love short stories on my Facebook page tonight.  I love (and indeed write) quirky fiction and there are some wonderful online magazines which take these.  This is one of the lovely things about being a writer.  You hopefully get to submit work and see it accepted but you also get to indulge in being a fan and loving other writers’ work too.  You can’t write well without reading well after all.


Where all stories start regardless of technology.  Image via Pixabay.

Where all stories start regardless of technology. Image via Pixabay.

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