It's amazing the worlds a book can show you. Image via Pixabay.



Tonight’s post, Fairytale Jobs You Don’t Want, shows some of the roles in a magical world you really don’t want to be carrying out. That is, assuming you want a nice, healthy life span!


The Unglamorous Side of Magic is tonight’s post and looks at the fact that every world has its lowest of the low.  In a magical world, this “honour” is held by the lowly minion, that poor so-and-so who collects eye of newt for his/her witch bosses and so on.  (No gender discrimination here either, anyone can be a lowly minion).  There really are some jobs in life you don’t want.  That includes the fictional life!


I discuss the joy of I-player and music tonight.  I also talk about short story collections, particularly The Best of Cafelit 5.  I have a flash fiction piece in this, Telling the Time, but felt it appropriate I should have my own Kindle copy of the book!  I like the Kindle for all sorts of reasons but feel short story collections do work well on it, especially with the ability to bookmark your position and so on.

The Kindle - modern reading for a modern era. Image via Pixabay.

The Kindle – modern reading for a modern era. Image via Pixabay.



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