Is a fairytale world really magical to live in for those who find it hard to keep their chin up and fit in with the rest? Image via Pixabay



What happens when you live in a world which is very matter of fact, direct, says what is good and what is bad and has no qualms about it and yet you, as a character in that world, struggle with this?  You don’t take things on the chin well.  My post tonight called Keeping Your Chin Up has a look at this and discusses how do characters cope with tragedy and knock back after knock back?


Ugly is as Ugly Does discusses just what is ugly in a fictional world and especially looks at ugly attitudes.  Are the beautiful in a magical world really lovely?  Would the genuinely physically ugly be looked down on?  Beauty and the Beast looks at this to a certain extent though the  ugly had to change to handsome in the end to be acceptable.


I discuss what I’m working on at the moment and praise Scrivener’s Project Targets idea, given it helps me when I need to reduce a word count as well as being useful for when I’m writing a story and I need to see a target to work towards.

Relaxing with a story - image via Pixabay

Relaxing with a story – image via Pixabay


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