Some of the books my stories have appeared in - image taken by me.



The title of this post shows there’s quite a mix tonight!   On my Fairytales with Bite website, I discuss the Unwelcome Guest and what makes them unwelcome.   I’m not naming any names as to who or what might have inspired me to write this post!

On This World and Others I discuss calendars and how time is organised on your fictional world.  Is it how we know it – based on a 24 hour day following the patterns of night and day – or something completely different, as the saying goes?


On my Facebook page, I look at an old Chandler’s Ford Today post I wrote called My Desert Island Books.  See the link below but I base this on the Radio 4 show, Desert Island Discs, and you can name 8 books you would have to have with you on a remote island.  No smuggling in of a Kindle or other device so you could take in more.  As with the show you can have Shakespeare and the Bible.  I will add in, being a generous sort, the complete works of Dickens and, in my view, our finest funny writer ever, P. G. Wodehouse.  So now what would you choose for bookish company if you were stuck on said island for a while?


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