Picking up the pieces is my theme for Fairytales With Bite tonight.  I discuss how characters handle doing this and whether this topic could be used for comedic, as well as the more obvious tragic, purposes.

On This World and  Others tonight, I discuss a similar theme under the heading of “When Life Hands You Lemons”.   I ask how characters react to being faced with this and discuss how, given lemons can become really sour over time if not used, so can characters.  What leads to that?  Can it be prevented?  Food for thought for story ideas there I hope.


On my author page tonight, I discuss the Proms, the stifling heat, and the joys of sending a book contract back, all signed and ready to go!  It is strange when something you have worked for and longed for suddenly comes to fruition, it can feel unreal.  Still writing competitions I want to have a try at over the next few months will ensure I get some real writing done.  I find deadlines helpful in that regard – they really do focus the mind!


I tend to write articles here on writing, publishing and so on but have written some pieces on local events (such as the Medieval Weekend), appreciation items on Jane Austen and Terry Pratchett, away days by public transport (especially train) from my area and so on.  I’ve interviewed local authors and those known to me.

And I should add one reason I love writing for CFT is the great community feel it encourages in its readers as well as contributors (the link takes you to the list of writers, which has steadily grown over time).  Chandler’s Ford is one of those places which sprang up and then grew and grew and grew without any real planning so there’s no real central community.  Hopefully CFT helps feel the gap there a bit.  I think it does.

One of the views on a local dog walk.

One of the views on a local dog walk.




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