I discuss the unexpected in my Fairytales with Bite website post today.  I refer to the unexpected joys as well as the unexpected horrors and how characters react to these.

On my This World and Others website, I look at the importance of keeping the faith. Writers are generally good at doing this given almost everyone has to spend years developing their writing before successes come.

The latter is pertinent to me as I will shortly be blogging for the Association of Christian Writers on a regular basis and I’ve heard my first flash fiction collection will be published by an independent publisher.  Am naturally thrilled about all of this as things are happening and my writing is taking off, albeit in a small way, in a manner it has not done so before.

As for Facebook, I talk again about the value of persistence and highlight my Chandler’s Ford Today post this coming Friday, which will be part 2 of my Medieval Weekend review.

A very interesting day!


Part of a Medieval Village re-enactment

Part of a Medieval Village re-enactment




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