On my Fairytales with Bite website, I discuss what not to ask for when your fairy godmother turns up.  Well it is best to be prepared, don’t you think?  Forewarned is forearmed and all that…

On my Allison Symes – This World and Others website, I discuss anniversaries, including the impact of the Battle of Bosworth given that anniversary is today, 22nd August.  One of my earliest Chandler’s Ford Today posts is a review of The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey, which is one of the few works of fiction to really impact on my views on a person, Richard III.  If you’ve read the novel and feel like posting a comment about my review, I’d be glad to hear from you.


My most recent post is part of a mini series reviwing a Medieval Weekend recently held by the Road to Agincourt Project.  My most recent writing related post is a notice about creative writing classes coming up in the area, which are being run by Barbara Large, MBE.  Barbara was the founder of the Winchester Writers’ Festival as it is now known and I hope to be interviewing her soon.

One of my writing advice posts was how to spot a real writing competition and I hope the link to this might be useful.  It’s a pity scammers get everywhere but I’ve learned to enter any writing competition with my eyes wide open, knowing exactly what it is I’m putting work in for on the basis it is best to know.  If people aren’t keen to say, I simply don’t enter those competitions.

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