You can't beat a good read and I would include Jane Austen in amongst the top of my list. Image via Pixabay.



Being Exclusive looks at the pitfalls of this as it is not necessarily a good thing.  People can be singled out for “special treatment” and history has shown far too often just what that kind of thing is and what it can lead to.


What the Magical World Will Not Tell You lists five things it won’t tell you!  (Yet another of my sum it all up in the title posts!).  Included in this is a phenomenally good reason why visiting castles and stately homes on any magical world is not a good idea.


I share news of a Jane Austen Festival coming up later this year in Southampton (UK), one of Jane’s many residences.  It is being co-ordinated by the Sarah Siddons Fan Club whose heroine was one of the earliest actresses to make her name, and living, acting.  For centuries women had been barred from being on the stage.  It is good both women were pioneers in their fields and that they are both still fondly remembered.  It is ironic that Jane’s book sales are far greater than they were in her lifetime.  I wonder if she would have appreciated that irony…


I talk about my Chandler’s Ford Today post.  There will be several events commemorating the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s tragically early death and the Festival is just one (though I hope it goes well and it does sound fun).

Winchester Cathedral where Jane Austen is buried. Image via Pixabay

Winchester Cathedral where Jane Austen is buried. Image via Pixabay