Fiction or not, books are the gateways to other worlds. Image via Pixabay.



Unwinding at the End of the Day is tonight’s post on Fairytales with Bite.  I look at how characters unwind and ask what might happen if their lives are turned upside down so any chance of unwinding goes completely (think Frodo Baggins knowing he’s got to go on a quest he’s unlikely to survive to try to get rid of the Ring of Power – just how do you cope with that?).  Also given we all need to unwind, so do our characters and this aspect should show more of their personalities, always helpful in the overall portrayal.


The Working Life by contrast looks at this aspect of a character’s life.  What work do they do?  In a magical world, what is done workwise without the aid of magic given to use that kind of power all the time is bound to be draining on the practitioner?  Also who carries out the lowly jobs that need doing but where using magic is probably going to be overkill?  (In any world someone has to take out the bins for example!  Do you really want to use magic for that?!).


I discuss the one thing that makes a good story or book as far as I’m concerned – the quality of the characters.  Are they believable?  I also share a brief thought on villains and on characters that are too good! Do you agree?

A beautiful place in which to read stories - image via Pixabay

A beautiful place in which to read stories – image via Pixabay