One of the best ways to escape is with a good book. Image via Pixabay.


Tonight’s theme is asking questions – lots of them!


In Questions to Ask When World Building, I share some useful pointers that should be considered when planning out a new world.  (This is one of the lovely things about fantasy and science fiction – we create our own worlds!  Horror and crime are based generally on what we already know but with fantasy and science fiction, the possibilities are endless).  I look at how the world is governed, what rights do people have and how wide a variety of peoples are on the world you’ve created amongst other topics.


Putting Yourself on the Spot shares three questions I think every writer should regularly ask of themselves.  I look at why am I writing this, am I writing this in the right way and can I do what I am doing better?  The answer to the last question is inevitably yes!  The middle question is really about whether you’ve chosen the right format for your story.  For example some of what I write is punchy so flash fiction is generally the best vehicle for that.  Others are more thoughtful piece so a standard length short story (1500 to 2000 words) is usually better.  And the first question reminds you why you were enthuasistic about the idea in the first place, which is no bad thing to be reminded of especially if you’re feeling bogged down.


I discuss my current Kindle read – Westminster Bones, which is a fairly scathing look into whether the bones in the urn in Westminster Abbey are really those of the Princes in the Tower.  Let’s just say I wouldn’t put a bet on at the bookmakers after reading this book!  But it is a very good read, the arguments are well set out and I must admit I would like to see some proper DNA testing done.

Books really are the gatekeepers BUT they can also be investigators as Westminster Bones clearly is. Image via Pixabay.

Books really are the gatekeepers BUT they can also be investigators – for example  Westminster Bones is trying to establish truth . Image via Pixabay.