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Just to confirm my launch will be on Saturday 1st April from 10 am to 6 pm UK time.  All welcome!  I have started posting items to the event page including, tonight, a poll asking how writers began writing.  What was the spur?  Comments welcome (as well as joining in with the poll itself).  I will be posting something on the page every night as a kind of warm up to the main event on Saturday.

See the link at https://www.facebook.com/events/685324028308037/?active_tab=discussion

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Linking in with the cyberlaunch poll, in Quizzes and Questions I ask what educational standards your characters would have.  What kind of questions would they be expected to be able to answer?  Who would host quizzes in your fictional world’s equivalent of the media?


Again trying in with launch, in News of Events, how would your characters promote events (and what would they be promoting?). What counts as news for your characters?


I talk about one of the nice aspects of writing and reproduce the post in full here.

One of the nicest things about writing is how therapeutic it can be when life is going belly side up, so to speak.

Your fictional setting and characters literally take you out of yourself and get you to think about something much more positive. So do I understand writing as therapy? Definitely.

Most of the time I write because (a) I love doing so, (b) I can’t imagine NOT doing so, (c) for entertainment and (d) for publication.

But during those times when life seems to be on the darker side, writing comes into its own. I’m all for the arts in general being used in therapy and I wonder if it was used more often like that, how much would be saved in other NHS costs? Quite a bit I think.

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Says it all really. Image via Pixabay.

Says it all really. Image via Pixabay. And am glad to say my poorly border collie, Mabel, has very much been showing this spirit.