I am thrilled to share news of my first cyberlaunch for From Light to Dark and Back Again.  It will be on Saturday 1st April between 10 am and 6 pm UK time, though all are welcome.  Please see my Facebook page for more details.  In the meantime, I have put up a screen shot below and the FB link.  I will share more news (and snippets) as and when I have it.


Cyberlaunch Image


In Heroes and Heroines I share a link with my latest Chandler’s Ford Today post (more below) but also talk about how we create such characters.  Are they based on who we would like to be or the best parts of our personalities?  I talk about the importance of all characters being true to themsleves – they really must be their own people to convince readers.


I don’t know quite what went wrong tonight but my post Reviews and Events was meant to show my CFT post and my cyberlaunch news AND talk about what your characters would review and what they would read.  What is showing up is a link to my cyberlaunch and given I’ve put that up above there is no point repeating it here.  I have, however, shared the link to my TWAO News page which does refer to CFT and the launch.   There are more pictures here (I couldn’t seem to do anything with the spacing of them.  Really not my night on this site tonight, unfortunately, but hey the writing life can be like that at times.  Frustrating when it doesn’t quite work out as you had hoped/planned and wonderful when it does!


My latest post here is a review of part 1 of a series of graphic novels.  Blood and Valour retells the stories of Sir Bevis of Hampton, Southampton’s legendary hero.  Henry V was known to read the stories on tapestries (what works of art those must have been!) so to retell these tales in graphic form is hugely appropriate!  I love writing all my CFT posts but the history ones (including this which has a link to the Road to Agincourt project) are a particular joy.  I am very happy to recommend Blood and Valour.  The artwork is stunning, the stories wonderful (and there should be more to come).


Two entries tonight – one for my cyberlaunch (link above) and the other for CFT (also link above).  Busy night tonight!

Feature Image - Blood and Valour Young Sir Bevis Comic Review