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I had fun with one of the titles tonight!  Care to guess which one?!


When You Need More than a Magical Wand (to keep you out of trouble)… now what could that possibly be about?!  I list those moments when your magical character(s) will realise a magical wand is not going to solve the problems they are in at that time.  As ever, can you add to the list?


Judging by Appearances is something most of us have been guilty of at times (and certainly from my experience I have always been wrong when I’ve done this).  In fairytales, of course, it is common for the ugly or mild-mannered one to either be the most powerful magical being around or turn out to be the hero/heroine.  But there is nothing to stop you getting your characters to judge each other.  After all, isn’t all human frailty demonstrated in stories?  So why shouldn’t this one be as well?  I could see great comic and tragic stories coming out of this.


A bit of a news update on this.  I share news of how I’m getting on with my proofreading.  I also share my views on Grammarly (a free add-on for Firefox) and on predictive texting.  I also list my favourite Chandler’s Ford Today post of the year.  A little early for that?  Maybe but I’m not sure the one I listed will be surpassed.

Writing in many forms...  Image via Pixabay

Writing in many forms… Image via Pixabay



Says it all really. Image via Pixabay.


Just want to say, as a tennis “nut”, I am thrilled Andy and Jamie Murray have ended the  year as world number one in the men’s singles and doubles.  Fantastic, historic achievement.  I’m also pleased to see hard work, persistence, not giving up etc paying dividends for them both.

Also glad to report issues I had yesterday with titles on my Weebly websites (especially This World and Others) appear to have been resolved.  Am now hoping that is not going to prove to be my famous last words!  I’ll know tomorrow…


Just to also add I have added Grammarly to my Firefox toolbar (it’s free) and am finding it very useful in picking up odd typos but mainly my grammatical weaknesses.  Have only been using it for a couple of days but you have a green icon appearing whenever you type something.  Get something wrong and that green icon becomes a red one.  Hover over it and you get a description of what you need to amend.  Very helpful so far.  I do occasionally test free add-ons like this.  The last one I added on was E-Pub Reader for Firefox and I find that useful too.


Making History refers to the Murray brothers’ excellent achievements this year but also discusses how our characters should make history.  The point of any story, regardless of genre, is to show moments of change (which lead to conflict and drama).  The point of any character is to contribute to that in some way (otherwise why write them in?  Even the most minor of characters must have a role they and only they can play in your tale).


Boring Traits discusses why the virtues of persistence, patience and so on are vital, whether you want to achieve success as a sportsman or a writer or as a character in a story.  Even your villains must have determination, a clear aim, patience (nobody achieves all they want immediately) and so on.


Again I celebrate the Murrays’ achievements.  I suppose the thing I like most is that their persistence has paid off.  I love it when virtue gets it own reward.  It doesn’t always, sadly.  I also discuss how persistence is vital to a writer.  None of us can foresee how things will actually pan out.  I still haven’t published my novel but am thrilled to bits my first flash fiction collection will come out soon.  I didn’t foresee that!

Never give up, work hard, be disciplined... all valuable traits for success, whether you're a tennis player, a writer or a character in a story! Image via Pixabay.

Never give up, work hard, be disciplined… all valuable traits for success, whether you’re a tennis player, a writer or a character in a story! Image via Pixabay.