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Glad to say From Light to Dark and Back Again was a prize in Elizabeth Ducie’s recent book launch for Deception. It is a real pleasure wrapping the book up to send out! Also good when a book launch goes really well. I know I had a lot of fun with mine.

Managed to write three new flash fiction pieces for my second book on my phone yesterday while out and about. Slowly getting used to the smartphone and really love the Evernote app. (I’m using the basic free version at the moment and have found this useful for sharing photo files as well as text ones).

Must get used to putting my phone charger in my bag as I could’ve done with charging the phone up on my way home yesterday and could easily have done so on the train. Duh!

Glad to report the children’s poetry competition presentation went well at Chandler’s Ford Library yesterday. I share the link to Mike Sedgwick’s excellent report on how things went. I am only sorry I couldn’t be there. The readings sounded fab but I was pleased to hear all who went had a wonderful time.

The competition was organized by Chandler’s Ford Authors and supported by the Hampshire Library Service and the Hiltingbury Extravaganza. Prizes were sponsored by local estate agents, Goadsby. Well done to all who took part in the competition!

Children's Poetry Competition 2017

Well done to all who took part in the competition.  Glad to hear the presentation went well.  Always good to encourage writing!

Writer at work. Image via Pixabay.

Writer at work. Image via Pixabay.


Facebook – From Light to Dark and Back Again

Really pleased with myself I managed to use my smartphone to do some serious writing when on a long train journey yesterday. Really miffed with myself I managed to forget to pack my phone charger as I needed to recharge it on the way home and could easily have done so on the train. Two sides to the writing life there!

Finally making some headway on my second book. Am hoping to have a first draft ready in the next month or so. Then comes the editing but the joy with flash is in having such a restricted word count, you do find yourself doing a lot of this as you go. You select the words with the strongest impact for the fewest possible words as you go so no unnecessary adverbs here!

And I’ve finally realised exactly what it is about flash that has ensured I’ve become addicted to the form. I have always loved character-led fiction. Flash has to be character-led as there is no room for scene setting etc. You have to cut to the chase. And I’ve always loved getting straight into my characters’ heads to find out exactly what is going on in there!


writing in many forms via Pixabay

There is a planner at work here, rather than a “pantser”! Image via Pixabay.


Feature Image - Flash Fiction - Books are Gateway - image via Pixabay

The nice thing with this is it equally applies to non-fiction.  Image via Pixabay





I talk about Character Relaxation being a way of showing your readers more about your characters.  What do they do as hobbies?  Are they obsessed by them?  How do they treat others who get in the way of their “down” time?  How do their hobbies relax them to cope with whatever quest you are sending them on?


Encouraging Creativity  ties in with my Chandler’s Ford Today post tonight given I talk about a poetry competition in that (more later).  Here I expand the topic to look at what we can do when we lose our spark and need to encourage our own creativity to come back!


I share news of a children’s poetry competition being organised by my local writing group, Chandler’s Ford Authors, in association with Hampshire Libraries and The Hiltingbury Extravaganza (a major fair in the area).  There are two age categories – 8 to 11 and 12 to 15 – and there will be prizes!  There will also be a presentation at our local library in September and it is hoped the winning poems will also go on to be published online by Chandler’s Ford Today.


I talk about my trip to Swanwick Writers’ Summer School.  Really looking forward to it and catching up with old friends again.  Also hope to make new ones!  Am planning to catch up on writing the follow up to From Light to Dark and Back Again.  Have got quite a bit of that written but would like to get a complete first draft done.

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