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I usually use the title of my Fairytales with Bite piece for the title for this but not for this one.  I hope Writing to a Deadline – the Advantages gives some useful advice on why it is a really good idea to get into the habit of doing this.


More Fairytale Classified Adverts follows on from yesterday’s post with fun suggestions of what could be in the magical world’s advert columns.


Writing to a Deadline – The Advantages gives 5 reasons and details as to why I think imposing a deadline on yourself if necessary is a good idea.  To name one reason here I have found it helps me write much more than I used to do because I plan out what I write (to ensure I meet the deadline).  Because I write more, I have more material to submit to competitions and so on.  See what you think anyway.


I share links to Alfie Dog where my recent short story, The Delivery, is now on site.  At 39p a download, it is a cheap way of trying out different authors’ works though it will come as no surprise when I say I’ve linked to my author page here!!


Shakespeare had his quill, modern writers have their laptops.  Image via Pixabay.

Shakespeare had his quill, modern writers have their laptops. Image via Pixabay.



I write fairytales with bite as flash fiction and short stories in particular. Image via Pixabay.


It has been a very busy but productive week.  From going to the Bridge House/Cafelit joint book launch last Saturday to having another story, The Delivery, appearing on Alfie Dog on Monday to tonight’s labour of love which is my Chandler’s Ford Today post, it has been a good week.  (And that was despite me coming down with a bug on Wednesday night!).


Fairytale Classified Adverts shares a few examples of how I imagine these could look like.  Hope you like them.


Musical Imagery ties in with my CFT post this week but for this page, I focus on what music means to your characters, what are their important songs and so on.


I share the link with my author page here.  I now have 5 stories on Alfie Dog.  The latest, put up on Monday, is The Delivery and tells the tale of a former favoured servant of the Dark Lord who has fallen out with the boss and is now facing the consequences.  I loved writing this.  Alfie Dog charges a small fee per download and there are a wide variety of authors and genres to choose from, including yours truly.  If you love your short stories, you should check this site out (and I would say that if I wasn’t on it, honestly!  In fairness, I did check it for a long time before I submitted work here.  And naturally it took time for me to get my work to a good enough standard to be accepted so it means a lot to me to be on here.  I’m sure everyone else on here would feel similarly).


Bridge House have set up Facebook page for Baubles, this year’s anthology.  On their blog spot, they are putting up for the 24 days from the beginning of December to Christmas Eve, extracts from the 24 stories in Baubles.  I was on day 7.

And last but definitely not least:-


I loved writing the classical music greats article a little while ago but found there were so many pieces I had to leave out.  Most of these were film scores so waste not, want not – another post was born!  Tonight’s What’s Your Favourite Film Theme? My Top Ten continues my habit of having titles that tell you all you need to know (!) and I hope generates a good response as the classical music piece did.  There were a good few replies with clips of favourite classical music and I hope for a similar contribution to tonight’s post.  Contributions of your favourite film music would be very welcome!

Tonight's CFT post.  Image by Pixabay.  Editing on Pic Monkey.

Tonight’s CFT post. Image by Pixabay. Editing on Pic Monkey.