News Updates

I will share latest publication news updates here and details of events I’m taking part in.

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Podcast News!

The link takes you to a bonus Chandler’s Ford Today post. I was delighted to take part in The Writing and Marketing Show podcast hosted by Scottish crime writer, Wendy H. Jones. We discuss flash fiction and I share tips and some thoughts on where to find publication etc. Hope you enjoy! This is the first time I’ve taken part in a podcast and it was good fun.



Music and books are going to be great boons during the current situation. They are marvellous comforts anyway but whatever you enjoy on either or both fronts here, I hope you have a wonderful time catching up on what you want to listen to/read.

Talking of which…

Would you like a free book?

Magnetism, a collection of short stories, edited by Gill James may be just the ticket for you here then. Just follow the link below and sign up to Scribblers Books, Books, Books.

Magnetism will not be on sale anywhere and it is a great advert for the kind of stories you will find published by Bridge House Publishing, Cafelit, and Chapeltown Books.

Authors included in Magnetism are #RogerNoons, #SallyAngell, #GailAldwin, #AlysonFaye, #PaulaReadman, #DawnKentishKnox, oh and one #AllisonSymes amongst many, many others. There is a lovely variety of styles and stories here. Do check it out.

Keep safe, keep well, God bless, be kind, and have a good read!

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