I share interview links here. I also carry out interviews for Chandler’s Ford Today so do please check out my page there. I am always open to being quizzed about my writing!

21st March 2021

Thrilled to share the link to my interview on North Manchester FM yesterday. A huge thanks to #HannahKate for interviewing me on Hannah’s Bookshelf. Hope you enjoy!
It was great fun to do this but agony to only get to choose three books for the Apocalypse Books section of the show. Every writer would want to smuggle in far more than that!

16th October 2020

Am delighted to be on #BarryLillie’s blog today. Please check out the very thorough interview here.

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October 2020 – Mini Blog Tour to celebrate the launch of my second flash fiction collection, Tripping The Flash Fantastic.

A huge thanks to #ValPenny, #JenWilson, and #PatriciaMOsborne for hosting me for the above. Links to my guest spots on their blog below.

Val Penny – In depth article on flash fiction, the joy of being a writer etc. Interview to be found here.

Pic below was taken at the Swanwick Writers’ Summer School a couple of years ago. Val is standing next to me and Jen Wilson is behind Val. We all can’t wait to be back at Swanwick again!

Always time for a laugh with fellow writers-1

Jen Wilson – Now knowing Jen’s love for writing and reading historical fiction, the emphasis on my guest spot was a bit different. For the first time with Tripping The Flash Fantastic, I wrote historically based flash fiction so naturally that is the focus here.  Interview link here.

Patricia M Osborne – Loved the title Patricia gave me for the intro to this one – Queen of Flash Fiction. Yes, I’ll take that and run with it, I think! For this blog spot, I talked about the cover design for Tripping the Flash Fantastic as it has generated a tremendous response and I love it. I also share how I became a flash fiction writer at all. Interview link here.

Chat and Spin Radio (second appearance on 3rd October 2020 ) –

I was delighted to be interviewed again on Chat and Spin Radio on 3rd October. This led to a week of special posts on my cyberlaunch event page leading up to the launch itself. Link to the clip below. I come in about the 7 minutes 25 seconds mark. Hope you enjoy.

Thrilled to be grilled by Val Penny for her Book Reviews blog. See the link for more but I talk about what I like and dislike about marketing, share my writing regrets and “yippee” moments, and advice I’ve found useful over the years. Hope you enjoy!

I was delighted to take part in Wendy H. Jones’ podcast, The Writing and Marketing Show. I was thrilled to be able to talk about flash fiction. Do check out the episode here.

It was a real pleasure to talk to Patricia M Osborne, author of the House of Grace. I met Patricia at the Swanwick Writers’ Summer School. We are both huge fans of it!

Patricia M Osborne

Patricia M Osborne

Patricia also took part in my What Books Mean to Me Series on Chandler’s Ford Today (as did Wendy H Jones, Val Penny, and Jennifer C. Wilson. It is always fascinating to listen or read what other writers have to say about the writing process and/or books!).

Separately, I have also taken part in Patricia’s 100 Word Story Challenge a couple of times. Well, if that wasn’t a challenge with my name on it, I don’t know what is!

It can feel odd (in a good way) when I am the one being questioned.

Jacci Gooding of  A Collection of Unsettling Short Stories (and they are too – do check them out) interviewed me a couple of years back.

Jacci Gooding Head and Shoulder shot

Jacci Gooding – image kindly supplied by her

Thanks also to Jennifer C. Wilson. Jennifer, Val, and Patricia have one other thing in common with me – we all adore the Swanwick Writers’ Summer School and it is where we met.

I’ve interviewed Jennifer C Wilson for Chandler’s Ford Today, also as part of my What Books Mean to Me series but also, previously, on her Kindred Spirits series. If you love historical fiction and ghost stories, do check them out.

I was also delighted to be on Jennifer’s own blog spot..

Jennifer C Wilson

Jennifer C Wilson


Please see tweet below for the link to my interview on Paula’s blog or follow the link here.