Bridge House Publishing and Chapeltown Books

Bridge House Publishing and Chapeltown Books

Bridge House Publishing is where I had my first story published in print, which is a special moment for any author. A Helping Hand, my spin on the Cinderella story, was in their Alternative Renditions anthology back in 2009.

I’m pleased to say I have been in other anthologies by them since then (pictures below). They also publish the ebooks of winning entries to the Waterloo Arts Festival Writing Competition and I was privileged to be in the 2018 and 2019 collections.

Chapeltown Books

Knowing your book is going to be published is so special. My From Light to Dark and Back Again was published by Chapeltown Books in 2017.

What was nice was my late mother got to see my first published story in print with Alternative Renditions and my late father got to see my first published book with From Light to Dark and Back Again. I treasure that connection. My mother taught me to read before I went to school and I owe my lifelong love of stories and books to her. My father bought me The Reader’s Digest Complete Fairytales, a huge two volume set with wonderful illustrations. I still have those books though they are showing signs of age!


Latest Publications

I am glad to say my humorous fairytale, What Goes Around, is included in Nativity, the 2019 anthology by Bridge House Publishing.

Nativity Medium

And in The Best of Cafelit 8, recently released, I have two flash fiction stories – Dignity and Injustice (historical) and The Art Critic (humorous fairytale). The stories included here were voted on by Cafelit readers so thank you everyone!


Image from Bridge House Publishing