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I share what might appear in the classified adverts in a magical world periodical.  Fairytale Adverts brings you the For Sales and the Wanted columns.  Hope to follow on with this tomorrow.  (I do love writing the more light-hearted posts.  In a world which is anything but light-hearted, a chuckle or two is always welcome I find).


Being Dropped Right in It looks at how characters react to this.  It can happen as a direct result of you, the writer, playing God and throwing all sorts of obstacles in the way of your characters (which is huge fun to do!).  Equally, you can get your other characters to drop them in it (though they should have sound reasons for doing so).  How do your characters react to things like this?  Do they handle it well or fall apart?


Another short post so will share in full here.  I always share one way I use to find themes for my stories.

Hello spring, hello hayfever, hello April showers, hello warm sunny days which cheer me up (especially if I avoid the flowers!). It is true every cloud DOES have a silver lining and every silver lining has…. well you can fill in the rest.

I have a soft spot for proverbs and sayings, if only because I often use them as the theme for my stories. It’s what they’re there for, really!

The magical world of the imagination. Image via Pixabay

The magical world of the imagination but just how do your characters respond to being dropped right in it? Image via Pixabay

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